Water Front Audio

Featured Work/Projects

Our work experience spans every media type. Some of our recent clients:

Marvel: Freelance ADR recording work on Thor and Captain

Paramount: DVD extra/commentary mixing for entire Star Trek
and Friday The 13th film catalogs, among others.

“Heart of Darkness” Book on Tape: recording with Kenneth

Mattel: Primary mixing facility for broadcast commercial and

Travel Channel: Currently mixing second season of “Sand

Chevy/Maybelline: ISDN facility for commercial campaign.

History Channel: Various long form show mixes, including “Afraid
Of the Dark”, and “Marijuana, A Chronic History”, “Hollyweed and

ABC Television: Sole radio production facility for six seasons of

NBC: All voice-over production for last 2 seasons of “Heads Up
Poker Championship”.

Discovery Channel: 5.1 surround mix of “Baja 500”.

A&E: Sound design/ADR/Mixing of “Extreme Paranormal” series.

Animal Planet: “World’s Ugliest Dog Competition”; “Lady With 700
Cats” (5.1)